The Adventure Begins!

Once upon a time, I had a ‘normal’ life.

Then I found out I was pregnant.

Suddenly my well-planned out days of work, fitness, healthy meal preparation, and before-bed reading and writing turned into a desperate need for sleep.

At all. Times. Of the day.

Because when I wasn’t sleeping, I was vomiting.  Or thinking of vomiting.  Or trying not to vomit.  Or wishing I could vomit.

Normal was gone, and replaced by psychotic.

Everything became sob inducing.  That cute little puppy?  Tears.  Hallmark Christmas commercials?  Forget about it. (This may be a ‘normal’ thing, too.) Someone breathing in my general direction?  I was pretty sure I could get out of jail time if I blamed it on pregnancy hormones.

Then The Day came.  My water broke, and nine hours later, I was holding my Ava while the lactation nurse yelled at me for breastfeeding my new baby the way she ‘didn’t like’.

Motherhood became my normal.

Now I’m trying to marry my former self and my mom self.  Fitness, a healthy lifestyle, and focusing on my writing career are second only to my amazing daughter.  Yes, I know it will be hard work, especially when I have a full-time paying gig that sucks the heart and soul from my world.  But it can(and will)be done.

Each time I discover a new blog, I scroll all the way back to the beginning to learn about the author’s drive.  Why did they start this?  Who are they when they aren’t typing away and hoping to reach someone on the reading end?

Although you’ll learn more about me over time, I’ll start by saying this: I am a mom who wants her daughter to know that you can have it all, as long as you’re willing to work your ass off for it.  This is where I begin.


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